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Roofing Services

Your roof is a vital component of your building envelope. When the roof is damaged, the rest of your property is at risk. When water gets inside a home, it can wreak havoc on your systems and on your possessions.

However, a roof can be easily damaged. How?


High winds


Tree damage

Ice damming

Any of the above can make a roof less secure. And as you know if you live here in St. Louis, we can see all of it – even within the same week!

Stonebridge Roofing and Construction was founded in St. Louis and understands all of the weather concerns you may have. Because of this we have solutions to keep your home safe and dry all year long. No matter what type of roof you have, we are able to offer top-quality roofing solutions.

Traditional Roof

For those who own a home or business with a traditional pointed roof, we offer a tear-off and replace solution. A tear-off and replace is when Stonebridge Roofing comes in, removes all of the old shingles, and then replaces them with brand new shingles. This option is ideal for a homeowner looking to make a long term investment as it allows for our specialists to inspect every part of the roof and ensure that your roof is functioning properly from deck-to-shingle.

Flat Roof

Even if your home does not have a traditional peaked roof, we are able to help. If your current home has a flat-roof then we are able to offer roofing options for you as well. We use a high-grade bitumen surface material that is able to handle high levels or rain, snow, and other weather conditions in order to keep your home safe and your roof water-free. We also offer Gaco roof coating which is completely waterproof top coat that we can apply to any flat roof. With Gaco roof coating you can depend on your home or business being water-free for years to come.

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