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Residential roofing

Whether you have a chronically leaky roof or if you’ve been the victim of one of the St. Louis area storms, Stonebridge can help you get your home back into shape quickly.

With decades of roofing experience, we pride ourselves in professional and friendly customer service from the first free estimate, through to job completion and beyond. If you’ve been a Stonebridge customer, we consider that you’re a customer for life.

Your roof is a vital component to your home. If it is in bad shape, it can impact every aspect of your quality of life. Your home deserves the professional workmanship and top-grade materials that Stonebridge provides, and you deserve the customer service.

St. Louis homeowners choose Stonebridge form many reasons –

  • Locally owned and operated. We live and work right here. By working with us, you’re supporting a local small business. And because we’re local, we’ll always be available if you need us.
  • Great reviews, strong ratings. Check out our reviews on, Angie’s list or from our testimonials page. You’ll see that our clients are happy with our products and our customer service.
  • Free, no-obligation estimates. We don’t bother you with a bunch of sales calls, we don’t sell your name – we just give you an estimate based on our decades of experience with the field.
  • Insurance pros. We’ve worked with every major insurance company and we can help you make sure that if you are entitled to it, you’ll get an insurance settlement.
  • We know your roof. St. Louis roofs are subjected to harsh conditions. We know what to expect and how to address it, whether you have a shingled or a slate roof.

If you have a problem with your roof, don’t wait until it gets worse to call us. As time progresses, small problems can turn into big, expensive ones. At least give us a call and get your hassle-free estimate so you know what to expect. Then we can help you the rest of the way if you need it.

Day or night, call now (314) 344-3434 for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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