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Siding Services

Be ahead of the competition and give your home the best siding design and protection
it deserves. With many different vibrant color designs using the latest materials which you
can handpick from, Stonebridge-Roofing will certainly have your neighbors glance twice while
driving by. Update your dream home’s exterior with the best durable, cost effective and fade
resistant siding technology (we’re definitely not shy of aiming high).

Why our Customers Love our Work:

  • Various style and color designs you can handpick

  • Durability tested against outside elements

  • Lifetime warranty (limited)

  • Up to 25 years fade resistant warranty

Stonebridge Roofing and Construction offers premium siding options ideal for any home owner. We use the top brands and offer many different materials types which include: vinyl, wood, aluminum, and metal.

Whether you want to install siding for the first time, replace the siding you currently have, or simply want to repair a few problem areas in your current siding. We are happy to offer the exact solution to fit your needs. We repair, install, and replace every part needed for a full-home siding job which includes the siding itself, soffits, and fascias which all work together to protect your home and provide a clean renovated look.

Siding Installation

Stonebridge Roofing and Construction is able to install siding for any home no matter the size. Our staff is fully trained to not only install siding but can also can provide expert insights into the siding option that fits your needs the best. We can tell you the exact brands and materials that fit your needs and your budget.

Siding Replacement

Many homeowners in the St. Louis area have already installed siding onto their home. After years of enduring the seasons and weather siding can be damaged to a point that demands replacement, we can help here as well. Whether your siding was installed by Stonebridge or by one of the other many providers in our area, we are happy to replace your siding.

Siding Repair

For many of our customers, replacing their current siding is not always an option. There are many reasons for this such as budget and time restrictions however no matter what your timeframe and budget is we have a solution for you. Stonebridge Roofing and Construction offers top-quality siding repairs for homeowners who do not have the option of replacing their siding.

Ready to make a siding decision? Do you have questions for us?

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