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At Stonebridge Roofing we believe in transparency with our customers. As a company both founded and operated in St. Louis we believe in giving our customers all of the information they will need to make a roofing decision. We have found that while every homeowner understands the importance of a quality roof, few understand all of the materials and factors that make up a quality roof. Due to this recognition we have put together this piece as a resource for any homeowner who wants to learn more about the roofing process.

We believe that the best way to explain the roofing process is to explain the different parts of a roof. Many homeowners are under the impression that a roof is simply made up of wood and shingles which is far from the truth. To begin our explanation of the roofing process we will begin with the base layer of a roof, or the decking.


The base layer of a roof, or the decking is the base layer of wood that makes up the structure of your roof. The quality of materials used for your roof’s decking and the installation of these materials can have a major impact on the overall quality of your roof. If your roofing provider uses lesser materials or does not install your decking properly you can be looking at costly repairs or even a complete roofing reinstallation after a few short years. After your decking has been properly installed, the next step is your roofing base sheet.

Base Sheet:

The base sheet of your roof is a coating (similar to a tarp) that is laid on top of the wooden decking layer. The primary function of the base sheet is to protect your roof’s Roof Deckingdecking from various weather damage, particularly water damage. The biggest factor to keep in mind with your roof’s base sheet is the material your sheet is made of. At Stonebridge Roofing we use synthetic base sheets which are extremely durable and will stand up in the toughest of conditions. Other roofing providers will use felt base sheets which are inferior in quality and will degrade over time. After the base sheet is installed, the next step is the installation of ice and water shields.

Ice and Water Shields:

The utilization of ice and water shields is crucial when you want a high-­quality roof installed. Ice and water shields a installed between the base sheet of a roof and the shingles of a roof. These installations prevents the buildup of ice and water on your roof which can cause detrimental damages to your roof. A quality roofing provider, such as Stonebridge Roofing, will install ice and water shield along all valleys, roof-­to-­wall transitions, and around all pipes that are located on your roof. After ice and water shields are installed, we have to install “flashing.”

Step Flashing:

Roof FlashingRoof or step flashing is a small but crucial part to a quality roof installation. Flashing is a small piece of metal places along all of the wall-­to­-roof transitions of your roof as well around any roof accessories such as chimney flumes. Flashing is crucial to a quality roof because it prevents ice and water from getting under the shingle-­layer of your roof. Water and/or ice seeping under the shingles of your roof can cause all sorts of damages so it is key to ensure that your roof flashings are properly installed. The final step in the roofing process is the one we all know, the shingles.


The final step in the roofing process is the installation of roofing shingles. As the first line of defense for your roof, shingles play a large role in the overall quality of your roof. Many people understand that the quality of shingles vary greatly depending on the brand and material you chose however it is key to note the proper installation is just as important as quality materials. Make sure that your chosen roofing provider employs certified individuals who will install your shingles properly.


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