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Tips to Keep Your House Dry All Winter

Snow seems to be a love it or hate it relationship for most people. Some count the days until that first snowflake falls on the tip of our noses, while others seem to dread this winter wonder and stay indoors until the first thaw of spring. Even if you are one of the latter and despise snow and ice we can promise there is someone who dislikes it even more than you, your roof.

Snow and ice cause all sorts of issues for roofs and you probably know these issues all too well if you live in the St. Louis area. From general weight damage to leaks and water damage there are many dangers in snow accumulation. Even snow falling off of your roof can pose a threat when enough has accumulated. Because we are entering the winter months and want our customers to be prepared we have put together this list of tips and tricks to keep your house warm and dry from now until spring.

1. Clear Roof of Debris

It is key to make sure that your roof is free of all tree limbs and other debris. As snow accumulates on your roof the weight of the snow can cause debris to push down on your roof and even puncture if if the pressure exceeds a certain amount. Simply clearing your roof of all debris is the first step towards a snow-safe roof that will last all winter.

2. Check Ceilings and Interior Walls

Before the winter weather hits you will want to complete a scan of your house and look for any cracks in the interior walls and on the ceiling. Cracks, no matter how minor, can be a telling sign that your roof is under a lot of pressure. Once the snow begins to fall and the weight begins to pile onto your roof these cracks can grow and become worse. You will also want to check for water spots on the ceiling. If you notice a patch a dark discoloration be sure to fully inspect it because if water is getting through the roof and to your ceiling it can lead to many issues as the temperature begins to drop. Because of these facts we recommend that any cracks are properly sealed and all water spots are recognized so that the proper actions can be taken place before they grow into major issues.

3. Clear All Gutter Lines

Another commonly overlooked aspects of the roof is the gutter and gutter pipes. Be sure to check all of your gutters and gutter pipes for debris to ensure that there is no blockages. Standing water can quickly freeze up your entire gutter system which can lead to costly damages.

4. Check the Flashing

One of the most vital parts of your roof is the “flashing” which is small piece that attaches chimney’s and other installations to the roof. You will want to check the flashing around all of the various fixtures you may have on top of your home because if you flashing is loose or deteriorated it can lead to cold drafts and high heating bills.

5. Trim The Trees

As we stated earlier you want to make sure that your roof is clear of all debris. This means clearing your roof of all limbs before snow begins to fall but it doesn’t stop there. You will also want to make sure to trim any trees back that shade your home. As temperature begins to drop and snow begins to fall it is easy for limbs to break and fall as snow accumulates. Make sure to trim all over-hanging limbs so that if a limb does break and fall, it won’t fall onto your roof.

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